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Pony Express Environmental Policy.


At Pony Express, we take the environment and our place in it very seriously. During the last 2-3 years, the company has undergone a major profile change which has resulted in Pony Express commanding a greater standing in the courier industry and with this standing, we feel we should do our bit to help implement better work practises across all our offices which will also benefit our environment.


The Pony Express business underwent a new ownership and direction in 2006, the new management have worked very hard to implement a better working model and can successfully report that a significant change in the attitudes of our workforce have been noticed and our staff are a lot more waste conscious than ever before, and we do encourage our staff to think outside the box for new and fresh ideas that we can each reduce our carbon footprint and give something back to our environment.


Pony Express believes in doing the job correctly, first time, every time. By not replicated work already undertaken, this reduces the amount of wasted time, effort, resources and contributes a significant amount to our helping some of the environmental issues we face today in society.


We know that by ‘failing to prepare, you must prepare to fail’. This very simple and well known proverb has helped us to be efficient in our work, by not replicating work such as double booking drivers, which cuts out double invoicing, wasting resources and of course the cost of running offices for longer hours than is necessary. This all adds up in both a fiscal and environmental respect.


Below are some of our codes of practise that we expect all our affiliated offices to adhere to and implement as good work practises:

Our Vehicles.

  • We conserve fuel through our thorough vehicle maintenance and the majority of our drivers report to us on a daily basis to discuss any potential problems they feel may arise.
  • We carry out inspections on vehicles, to reduce fuel emissions and increase productivity.
  • We are conducting research into use of alternative fuels, which we believe is the future of the Sameday Courier Industry.
  • We are looking to begin a Trial Program using emission free electric motorcycles. This is a project we are looking to begin in the summer of 2010.
  • We demand safe and efficient driving practices from our drivers, our professional booking service significantly reduces the need of rushing around and trying to make up time due to mistakes made at booking level.


Reducing and Managing our Waste

  • We are actively looking to reduce the production of waste in all the facets of the business.
  • As with all business, there is certain amount of waste that it is unrecyclable, for which we also look to dispose of in an environmentally friendly way, we are not unfamiliar faces at our local waste and recycle centres either. 
  • We are positive in our efforts to encourage recycling whenever possible, and reuse materials whenever possible to.
  • When available and economically viable, we use recycled and refurbished products, such as our paper for invoices and by banning the use of scrapbooks and encouraging the use of otherwise useless paper that is the result of junk/spam faxes. These cut into four can be implemented as scrap paper for brief messages or notes. This saving scrapbook usage and re-using perfectly fine paper.

Office Based Power and Energy

  • Since the new management came into Pony Express, we have always implemented the use of an electronic means of communication to reduce the use of paper and to provide faster responses.
  • We have conserved energy through an effective office layout which allows sharing systems and office appliances and apparatus. 
  • Our office maximises energy conservation with lighting, heating and ventilation systems all used efficiently we also using green eco friendly lighting products for our offices.
  • Our entire office staff switch off their computers and peripherals at the end of the day, it is widely believed that this is a major contributor to global warming and energy wastage.
  • We actively recycle our disposable waste and printer cartridges.
  • Implement better working practices such as turning off electrical appliances when not in use and encouraging sharing office equipment such as printers and scanners.
  • We have a periodic employee discussion forum, for on going improvements to our environmental policy and to help us fulfill our social responsibilities.


Our Suppliers and Our Purchasing Team


  • We shall provide our services to environmentally friendly organizations as well as our commitment to Charities, at reduced rates as request.
  • We will use environmentally friendly products to reduce our carbon footprint, when it is a viable option to us.
  • We have already made suppliers aware of our environmental concerns and ask them to be conscious of this to.
  • Our purchasing team are always looking to use recyclable and sustainable products for our offices.
  • We look to always source and use environmentally friendly suppliers and service providers where this is financially viable and sustainable.


We are currently evaluating methods and practices that are being used at organisation’s such as The Carbon Trust and we believe that working with companies like this we can together sought more greener approaches and solutions to accomplish our aims of being a greener and more eco friendly company. 



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