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Vehicle Dimension Chart

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PoNex Vehicle Dimension Chart

Use the chart information below to work out which vehicle to book.


Vehicle Load Length Load Height Load Width Load Weight
Motorbike 0.45m 0.23m 0.26m 12kg
Small Van 1.4m 1.1m 1.1m 500kg
3M Sprinter 3.0m 1.8m 1.7m 1400kg
4M Sprinter 4.0m 1.8m 1.7m 1200kg
4m Curtainsider 4.2m 2.2m 2.1m 1150kg
4m Curtainsider with Tail Lift 4.6m 2.3m 2.13m 900kg
Trailer With Van 4.0m 1.8m 2.0m 3000kg

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