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24/7-365 On Board Engagement Document

On Board Engagement Document

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At PonEx when a client requests a quotation from us for for an on board hand carry courier service , we quickly get some information about the mission from the customer and create the 'Engagement Document'. 

This document becomes a vital piece of information about the assignment for both parties.  When considering your on board hand carry courier service provider make sure they provide such documentation,The document is about 4-5 pages and outlines every details about the collection and delivery,  we know we created the document over 15 years ago and has been issued to clients the world over and copied by our competitors.

What the document should include:

1. Collection details

2. Delivery details

3. Collection/delivery times

4. Airline details

5. Cargo details

6. Full schedule

7. Contact details

8. Quotation

9. Terms of engagement

10. Routing

Above list is not concise as we have many other pieces of information we include in our document.


Let Pony Sameday take care of your on board hand carry requirements, after all it's we who pioneered the service in the UK.

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PonEx is a specialist same day courier and delivery company offering customers same day deliveries in the UK and worldwide by on board and hand carry couriers.

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