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Sameday Courier Services


Same Day Courier Service are the quickest and most secure methods for the transportation of time sensitive goods. The core delivery structure of urgent same day delivery involves taking important time critical consignments on dedicated vehicles for delivery nationwide on a direct delivery basis. Also, you can select same day courier in Birmingham by Ponex.

Items that can be transported can vary from documents to full van loads such as; samples, tenders, USB's, storage devices, DVD's, laptops, ipads, phones, watches, rings, bracelets, jewellery, articles of gold, precious stones, clothing, industrial samples, pallets, exhibition materials etc.

load capacity varies depending on vehicle size, items itransported by motorcycles is limited to 5kg, must fit into a small bag and van loads can go up to 1000kg.  More information regarding what vehicle you may require, give our same day courier team a call.

Same Day Dedicated Deliveries Nationwide and Europe

In a fast paced economy where business is global and the world has been placed at the fingertips, with customers and suppliers from all over UK and Europe, Pony Express Sameday Couriers can be your link in providing logistical needs.  There will always be that one special big deal that requires a urgent personal touch, a signature, company seal, tender submission in person or a thank you note from your company to theirs. Let us take care of this for you.


  Overnight Dedicated



With our overnight dedicated service, we can collect your goods at close of business and deliver to any UK address to your customer first thing in the morning as your customer opens for business, losing zero business hours.

Door to Door

The most popular option amongst our busy clients, we understand that our clients time is valuable and that they entrust us to get the delivery completed swiftly as possible.  Our team behind the scenes will ensure that every segment from collection to delivery is completed smoothly and without any problems.  The courier who collects the goods from the client is the same courier to take the item to the delivery point nationwide and Europe.


 Dedicated  Europe by road
 On Time  Every Time
 Secure  Personal
 Speed  Reliable


About PonEx

PonEx is a specialist same day courier and delivery company offering customers same day deliveries in the UK and worldwide by on board and hand carry couriers.

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