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How Supply Chain is Managed

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To offer satisfaction to the customers, a courier company must have great supply chain management. In general terms, supply chain management refers to managing the flow of goods along with the services of the company. Expert management can manage all processes, from the movement of the goods, storage of raw materials needed for the business, overseeing the inventory, and taking care of end-to-end order satisfaction. For a successful courier company, supply chain management involves the following:

Registering The Pick-Up

Customers call the call center or access the website to pick up the goods. They provide specifics such as address and the time to pick up. The system generates the pickup request and the customer gets a reference number. They can use the reference number to track the status of the courier.

Pickup Process

A person from the courier picks the item at the specified time from the address provided by the customer. The pickup depends on the route.

Distribution Center Operations

The distribution center of the courier company receives bags containing items from the different collection centers. It is scanned and provided with a barcoded ID for easy identification. The team enters the status of the courier. The team consolidates the parcels obtained according to the final destination. A scanner can automate and eliminate errors in the process. After obtaining a unique ID, the bags go to the destination distribution center using different transport modes.

Destination Distribution Center Operations

The destination distribution center will schedule a vehicle to collect the parcels from the airport, bus stop, or other collection point depending on its arrival time. After getting the bags, the scanning of barcode IDs on the bags takes place. The distribution center opens the parcels, de-consolidates, and sorts them based on the ZIP/Area/Pin code. The team dispatches the parcels to the respective collection or delivery centers.

Delivery Process

Depending on the delivery area of the parcel, the delivery/collection center sorts the parcels. The team places the courier in a bag with a unique identification code related to the destination area. The courier company prepares a delivery sheet to deliver to the customer. The courier delivery person receives the delivery sheet along with the parcel bag. The courier person completes the final delivery of the parcel without any delay.

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